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MIM News > Lowerload™ is Perfect for Installing Biomass Boilers

8th of October 2014

There has been a large growth in demand for renewable heating systems as more residential and commercial buildings are moving towards cost effective, eco-friendly heating systems. As the price of fossil fuels are expected to rise in the future biomass heating systems such as wood pellet burners are becoming a popular choice for heating new buildings.

Most biomass boilers such as wood pellet burners require some form of lifting device in order to move and install in required location. As is often the case, larger industrial purpose renewable energy boilers are tall and heavy, requiring a lifting aparatus in order to move it and in some cases a second lifting device to install it. Lowerload™ provides biomass manufacturers and installers with a simple solution to move heavy, tall heating systems.

Lowerload heating system installation

How Lowerload™ can help with biomass boiler installations

Lowerload™ allows easy movement of tall heavy equipment such as biomass boilers through areas where space is limited. Items can be moved to required locations and installed vertically in a safe manner. 

The lifting device has many advantages including:

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