Filtration Tank

Marine environmental filtration tank project

Fabrication Started: May 2023

Completed: December 2023

MIM were awarded the project of design and fabrication of 1no stainless steel submersible tank. Tank dimensions were 10.5 x 2.6 x 2.8m with 8no separate pumice filled cartridge inserts – 304s/s. All the design and fabrication aspect were done in house with structural engineers input. This was a totally unique design and we had to overcome some fabrication difficulties. Once fabrication and QA/QC was complete we began to work with the client on an installation date. We decided it was best to lift the tank and gangway in one rigging arrangement as the pond would not be dewatered. Our H&S department worked closely with client executives to get a safe method of install, drafting our RAMS and all our safety certification for approval. MIM looked after the transportation and craneage of the equipment to site. The client was very happy with the works and everything was done in a safe and professional manner.